Saturday, April 11, 2009

spring break

my beach trip with Wendy was amazing! it was extremely relaxing and i had so much fun! Although most of of the trip it was freezing the last day was amazing. and of course we got good pictures!
Here are some....

Also, for Easter, my daddy decided to get the biggest chocolate bunny at chocolaterie stam's....

it"ll take me awhile to eat... but i think its about 3 pounds of chocolate!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

that was successful...

Well, I've only posted 2 dress of the day's since my 'amazing' idea.
i have so many dresses to post up, but i decided that i didn't think people would want to come to my blog and read about all these dresses i like.
so for now, here's the last dress of the day....

i love this dress, its incredibly cute! I love the sleeves, lace, tie and fitting style. I suggest if you have $356 extra get this :]
Something unfortunate about great design, is that it's usually a bit pricey. They're designed with great quality and craftsmanship, making them easily expensive. I promise that if i ever get famous out there in the designing world, i will make somewhat affordable clothing, that you (and i) will love!
Recently, I've been counting down the days til spring break, and so far it's only TWO official school days. I've wanted a break for so long, and i can't wait to fraulic on the beach with my best friend. i will definitely blog about it.
"Where there is love there is no darkness."
Burundi Proverb