Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a day's success

{kaylee baby and me at the beach}
Today i,

fed the fish
did laundry (3 loads!)
cleaned my room (A LOT)
reorganized my clothing (drawers and closet)
started packing
went to both classes
got about 7 hours of sleep
ate 2 meals (healthy too, in fact)
woke up in time for class & showered
took out alllll the trash
made my bed
wrote an essay & did all my homework
spent time with the roomie (watching our nature shows)
hungout with friends
& didn't spend ANY money

i think that's ridiculously successful for one day.

much love,


Friday, December 16, 2011

a year ago

I tend to reminisce a year ago from any point in my life i'm at. I found several images that were huge parts of my year almost exactly a year ago.

It snowed!

My gerbil Olivia died.

I watched my dad play black ops.

I became obsessed with Despicable Me

I started teaching primary with Kendra

We discovered Tim Tam-ing

beautiful, perfect Rosalyn was born

I got toe socks from my brother Ben

I got accepted to Johnson & Wales, along with a scholarship (I got even more after)

I tried to bargain

I made cupcakes with Mary Blakely

And she gave me an incredibly meaningful gift

I loved on Ros

Got perfect gifts from Michael and Devon

My sister got married to Matt!

I dyed part of my hair pink

We drove up to DC for the wedding

The day rosalyn was born

It snowed!

I made a peanut nativity.

I can't wait until i can reminisce in a year.

How was your life last december?

much love,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the rules of stress

{taken with my new camera on my way back to campus}

Last night i couldn't sleep because i was stressed. I was stressed over cleaning my car. cleaning the windows in my room. re-hanging the fallen puffs, remembering to shave my legs, and buying milk.

all of those things, are almost nothing to worry about. why would i become sleepless over them?

as i was showering after class today, i realized that there must be some "rules of being stressed" like, what is worth being stressed over, and the intensity of stress.

i was obviously breaking the rules.

i am still trying to pin point the reason i am stressed over pointless things.

is it because my life is so easy that what i am stressing over is not worth it?

or is my dumb stress covering something that i am unaware of that is stressing me out?

whatever it is,

i dont think there are any rules for anything to be unworthy or worthy of stressing over.

it is all choice.

i choose to be stressed over dumb things which is complicating my life,
but that is my decision.

and hopefully i'll get over it.

much love,