Friday, September 30, 2011

coll in a nut

{tonight at the sock party}

Here's an abbrev. of my college experience so far

-abbreviating everything (thanks to amy) like the title, which is an abbreviation for college in a nutshell
-having avery make me ramen almost every night
-having way too many people be in our room at a time
-laying out in the quad on my quilt at night waiting for everyone to get back from the parties
-heming/fixing everyone's stuff
-walking in the city constantly, especially to harris teeter and cvs
-putting on bummy clothes the second i get out of class
-freaking out and cleaning my room in every way
-seeing lion king in 3D and crying the whole time
-making new friends almost everyday
-never taking enough pictures
-making my bed atleast 3 times a day
-watching movies almost 24/7
-getting incredibly good grades on everything
-getting woken up everyday by friends/kelly
-never having enough of amy and kelly
-loving everyone and everything

still and always will be in love with college

much love,


Monday, September 19, 2011

ridiculous injuries

I have gotten some ridiculous injuries lately. ridiculous. and they seemed to happen all at the same time.

The first "injury" i got was tendonitis in both my left wrist and ankle. no idea how i got it, but it was really obnoxious.

The second, and most dramatic, is my finger. I was on my friends bed, and wanted to jump onto my friend ethan's bed. he had just opened an otter pop and there were scissors laying on his bed, opened. I jumped onto the bed and my hand landed on the scissors. my finger got a cut right across the knuckle. i cried a lot, but only because it was the "last straw" to a bad day. i'm okay now.

Yesterday, my friend amy rolled over my big toe twice with my rolly chair. it has a bruised cut on it. It hurts pretty bad too.

I also burned my thumb recently while playing with a lighter.

Seriously hope all these random incidents don't get any worse.

much love,


Friday, September 16, 2011

why college makes my heart full

So many things have happened and have been experienced since i left for college on the 2nd.
it has almost been two weeks.
two amazingly full weeks.

i have felt an incredible amount of emotion in every aspect, and it has made me realize some very important things.
1. i am completely fine the way i am
2. absolutely everyone deserves love and attention
3. sleep is overrated
4. good friends are incredibly important (and i have found so many!)
5. this is the best part of my life so far
6. dont jump and land on scissors. it will end in a night full of tears.

{me, with kelly and amy}

{me and ames}

{me, kelly, amy and danielle}

{andrew, ames, me and deshawn}

i want to name absolutely all of the amazing people i have gotten to know, but that would take so long. and i would fear to leave someone out. but, you know who you are. and you mean so so so much to me.

i love you all! especially all of those i left at home. i miss you, but i am happy! no worries!

much love,


Saturday, September 3, 2011

6 reasons why i love college

Here are 6 reasons why i love my dorm:

me, kelly and amy's heights

the OTHER room

our growing quotes in the toilet room. with a mustache on the mirror

my food stash

THE most amazing chair. goes about 25 mph down the hallway.

and my ridiculously comfy bed.


much love,