Friday, January 28, 2011


Tonight as i was taking my sweet time getting ready for bed i sung one of my favorite songs over and over.

you are my sunshine my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
youll never know dear how much i love you
please dont take my sunshine away

these lyrics like almost everything else remind me of my past.
i am currently on pause and i cant wait for someone to press play.

there are so many times in my life and yours that we want things in the past that are not in the present. especially something that made you so incredibly happy that you could never dream of anything more perfect than that.

Oo i hate bringing this up but valentines day is coming up. people either love it or hate it. this year i wont be a fan.

i am spending that day with my bestest girl friends. they are who i have been surrounding myself with the past couple of months and they are absolutely amazing. wow.

my eyes just watered up. life is so different for me then its ever been and there are so many things that arent here that would make like much more enjoyable and sweet. but i live the best life i could ask for, especially the people in it.

to my four girls.

kendra: thanks for keeping life unorganized and chaotic. no one is as hilarious and ridiculous as you. you have no idea how much your company has made my life better.

sara: i feel like ive been friends with you forever. you are the best venter and ventee. im so grateful for someone who always understands me even if i make no sense at all.

christina: you are my hug boo. i absolutely love laughing through everything with you. you always amaze me in how you handle situations in the best way. you are so strong.

ashley: i love ho we share so many of the same oppinions. never a dull moment with you. you are my only constant friend since 8th grade and i never doubt why.

to you:
i am silently cheering you on every single day. things happen for a reason and i trust it completely. ready. set. go.

shine on,


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Conquering struggles on your own

{yayyy its us sledding!}
There will constantly be struggles in your life. big or small. but, it is absolutely horrible when you are all alone (maybe not physically) and have no one to talk to about what's going on. and believe me, it happens to everyone.
before i forget, please forgive me for my sparse blogging. life has been intense (probably obvious by what im blogging about)
the easiest ways to conquer struggles.
#1. distraction.
surround yourself with people unrelated to your issue. if this is too impossible, move on to #2. by surrounding myself with people who are very exciting and love me, i can move on from something without focusing constantly on it.
#2. patience.
this is much more realistic, but it is very difficult. when i think about one of the most dramatically changing times in my life, it was honestly a really long time ago. But if i think about it more, and the good times before it, it seems not so far away. Patience, is distance. Distancing yourself from the past and slowly (or quickly if youre good) moving onto the future.
#3. independence.
stop relying on others, and become independent. it starts slow, and believe me i am still working on it and im not even close. i still can barely go to the mall by myself. (try that, and if you can youre way better off than me)
#4. reliance on one.
pick one person, or better yet let them pick you. pick one person whos maybe going through something similar as you and let them be your refuge. if youre going through a hard time, go to them. if you explode your emotions on everyone, itll be way tiring, especially on your relationship. dont ruin friendships when youre trying to recover.
#5 (my favorite) love.
surround yourself in what you love and who you love. choose to love. if your struggle is getting over someone, then dont try to hurry and love someone else, but love life. love the things in it and everything you have. then with all the appreciation you have for life, you wont need much else.
i love you. and i believe that you can do anything. i am way farther than i used to be yesterday along my path to conquering my struggles and its all will power, the right environment and controlling my emotions.
do it. and tell me about your success!!
much love,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

neglected blog, but definitely not neglected life

I seriously cannot believe i haven't blogged in this long of time. But, i promise i will keep up my game from now on. A lot of things happened for me during winter break, and i've picked 11 pictures to sum it up.

My sister got married! Here are the siblings of the bride and groom.

B, or brandon davidson came to my sister's reception here, in chapel hill.

So did kendra, sara & henry!

It was very cold while we spent two hours taking pictures (19 degrees)

me and michael. those biggs boys are pretty awesome

me sara and kendra went to a 5 stake dance. i met will ross, who is one of the nicest kids everrr

this. is the infamous picture. nick, jackson, ian and ryan.
they jumped off a huge rock at eno & of course me and
sara liked watching

here are my favorites. brandon, nick, jackson, kendra & sara.

i dyed part of my hair pink, along with sara and kendra.

it snowed on christmas!!!

me & my dad made the perfect snowman
My break was really intense, but now since im finally back at school (besides taking a breather day today) i'll definitely keep up with blogging.
much love,