Sunday, August 15, 2010

People, Life and pretty much everything else.

(me and kendra now on the infamous personal progress plaque)
The main reason for the creation of my blog over a year ago was to uplift and inform people about my life, and about how i feel. There are so many things i repeat and constantly include in my posts, mainly because of how important they are to me. I'd like to make this blog post an overall on everything. About how i feel, what i think you should know, and such. Like the majority of my posts, this will be a bit random, as my thoughts are.
1. You may not ever understand everyone and everything, but there is absolutely no reason to not try and see the best in every situation.
2. To find the highest level of happiness, you must put your feelings and time aside for everyone else. Charity is in fact not only the most rewarding act, but it is who you become.
3. There is never a good excuse to be insecure or down about yourself. There is always more good then bad, and never ever let anything negative about yourself stay in your mind. It is the biggest way to waste time.
4. There are always times where you will be sad and down, but don't linger. Lift up your head, distract yourself with the good and ride the bad times out in a constant attempt to stay positive.
5. Do what you love and let it be known. There are so many things that for awhile i hid from everyone else because they were 'not cool' to the majority of my social network. But honestly, since i've let it out what i love, i'm way more confident that i can love what i love and it's okay no matter what others think.
6. Love. love every moment, every person, everything. You will have so much more appreciation for everything and gratitude for your life and the way it is.
I love you. I really do. I have so much appreciation for every person in my life. I will always be there for you and i mean that. If you ever need someone to talk to, or to be there for you, i'm here. I want the best for you. I want you to have the life that you so greatly deserve.
much love,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy is Best

I don't know how much you all care about my week, but here's the update. I guess this keeps me sane.

I took a five hour nap! I also took one saturday. But i didn't get any sleep all last week so it was much needed

I woke up early to babysit and then went to work. Then after dinner i babysat again til about one in the morning.

Tuesday: I worked another full day and and worked out with my trainer after dinner, then of course hung out with kendra.

Wednesday: Again, i worked and after dinner went to football practice with kendra (she manages). This was probably the most relaxing day.

Thursday: Woke up really early to go to the beach, spent about seven hours there (which was absolutely amazing!!) and had an interesting ride home, which you can read about in the past post. [side note:burts bees has saved my sunburnt lips]

Friday: Woke up early to get a massage which was just what i needed. Met up with micah and kindra clemence and ate my FAVORITE pizza in the world (if you ever want to go out to eat with me in chapel hill i will definitely take you there...where? youll see) Then drove 1.5 hours to greensboro to see my friend eddie (i met him at design camp last week) we had a really good time going around in his town. But i forgot to take a picture! Don't worry, next time. Now, currently i am babysitting for some new people in town.

Saturday (which hasn't happened yet...): I'm waking up early to get a haircut (i'll definitely post a picture if it's good) then going to sugarland....and sadly school supplies shopping and babysitting again!

Yes, my week may not be busy compared to other people's normal lives but i absolutely love my time filled!

Things i've learned this week:
Patience is always, always necessary.
I am protected during everything i do, which always comforts my always paranoid self.
Life is absolutely amazing (okay i already knew that) but it always amazes me constantly. everything about it.
People are mandatory in everyone's lives. It's important to stay open minded, stand for yourself and learn to love everyone.

Man, i feel like my wall posts are so cliche. Let's hope there will be a good one soon. you didn't even get a picture! i'm sorry, i really am.

much love,


Thursday, August 5, 2010

oh what a day/cause i can

This is the first ever DOUBLE blogpost.

Oh what a day!

isn't that a song? (oops....close enough)

I know i've neglected blogging for awhile now, and for that i'm sorry. But today was CRAZY and i promise you in no way that i'm exaggerating about anything.
I went to the beach with my sister and some friends today. It was completely amazing until the drive home. My sister wanted me to drive the 2 hour plus drive home because she drove there. First of all, it was our van which i absolutely hate and after the first hour we drove into a freaking HURRICANE worth of a storm. Have you ever seen the movie Big Fish? (Here's the trailer, it's the only Tim Burton movie i like. hands down) So the storm was so bad that we had to pull over for awhile until i realized we would probably be there all night so i just drove super slow the rest of the way (including lots of moments of panic) We also almost ran out of gas (the empty light turned on!) Honestly, it was an extremely stressful ride home but i'm okay now and that's all that matters.

Cause I can!

I have been doing a lot of things lately with the constant excuse of "cause i can". For example last night i went to harris teeter super late with Kendra and bought a pack of cupcakes and a pint of ben & jerry's. Why? well cause i can! But seriously now, this has gotten out of control. I don't exactly understand why it's been my reasoning for everything. I think it's the fact that summer is fading away. But let's not expand on that quite yet because there's still time left!

This is the back view of my Michael Kors swimsuit i wore all day today. Imagine my awesome sunburn :)

Also, i just noticed i never capitalize my i's. Guess it's a trademark? Just like this...

Much love,