Friday, May 28, 2010

Waffle maker grease stain on my new white Lacoste shirt...

My day started off with a stain on my new white shirt. My dad handed me the waffle maker to take to seminary for breakfast. I looked down later and noticed it. I rushed into the bathroom and tried to wipe out the stain with some soap. didn't work. once i got home my mom stuck it in the wash and i went to school. i waited all day to see the outcome. Once i got home i saw the outcome, CLEAN and looking new as ever! Sometimes we have to wait patiently for the results.
(like waiting all night to hope that my hair works out...when sometimes it does! {as shown here} )

I ate icecream for dinner (mint haagen dazs to be exact) because i've had the worst sore throat for the last couple of days. It worked, as i supposed it would. i love when things work out so simply.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In all it's Glory

Wednesday night was good.
I felt relieved that i was finished with my personal progress, but ready to pursue on to more important things...
there was an overwhelming feeling of love (from so many people there to support me)
I love them all. even the ones who couldn't make it.
I was proud. Proud of the amazing young women along with me. Inspired to do the right things and knowing the never-ending rewards.
I feel full of faith, and the determination i have for a successful future.

I love everyone. I love the potential i see in every human. I have so much hope in people to make the right decisions. I want them to feel that abundance of happiness, that they all deserve.

The more i think it over,
the more i feel that there is nothing
more truly artistic than to love people.
vincent van gogh

Nicole. Spiritual, creative, wonderful, positive, inspiring and absolutely selfless.
Andrew. (who came all the way down just for this!) This boy is so amazing to me!
Flowers. ( from Andrew, Mary Blakely and Chantel Nelson)

(insert huge smile here)

My heart just might burst out.
so so much love.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some good, some bad but carry on....

I have an extremely annoying habit of always breaking something i make in ceramics in the weirdest ways. Today i broke my only unbroken thing. It was ugly anyways...
I've had vertigo all day. But i only have three more days of school til exam week so leaving school early is no option.
I made the absolute best milkshakes last night. Just poured in random amounts of vanilla icecream, milk, chocolate syrup and baking cocoa. so simple and so yummy.
One more day til Andrew comes and eleven days til summer.
Wednesday's a big night for me, i'll tell you more about that on Thursday (let's hope with pictures too!)
I skyped with my sister (and her bf matt) sunday night which was absolutely fun. I miss her. (& Matt too)
Time seems to go by really slowly when you're expecting online orders to come in the mail.
All of his shoes are cute. I want them all! Especially these.
Should i get a haircut? I want long curly hair...but it's so hard to keep up with.
I Just ordered some more Lacoste. They have some really cute new stuff. It's all so timeless!
Much to look forward to, as always.
love, in endless amounts...
"I would rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach 10,000 stars how not to dance"
e.e. cummings

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Great Purpose

I waste way way too much of my time thinking negatively. and it seems to all have been recently. I have decided that this needs to stop right now. and i am going to do everything to prevent it in the future.
There is so much i want in my future. I think of it constantly, and maybe that's what is bringing me down. I think too much of my current condition and how i believe that one little mistake i make will effect the fate of my whole life.
There are a few things i know for certain will be in my future.

Without a doubt, i am going to be a mother. I've always felt that that will be my greatest purpose in life and the most important.

No, they're not my kids, but i find so much happiness in spending time with children and their mothers. They have what i dream of, and i love to surround myself with it.

I am going to be a fashion designer! hands down. I'm so picky and specific in the things i like that i want to create articles that i love and others will too. I want people to feel beautiful when they where what i make.

this bag. can change size (see the accordian) so you carry it around like that and when you set it down, it scrunches into a 'cute' rectangle. honestly the most hideous bag i have ever ever seen. and one of the many things that make me need to be a fashion designer. as i always say, someone's got to save this world!

Everyone has great potential, including me (& you). Just remind yourself often, and don't let mistakes bring you down. After all, the mistakes are just proof that you're closer to your goal.

endless love,


Friday, May 21, 2010

today you are you

Today you are you,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is youer than you.
{dr. seuss}

I spend way too much of my time feeling sorry for myself. Sorry for my imperfections and the mistakes i've made. Sorry for how others have thought about me, and even how i've imagined they have thought about me. My mind always fights with its self.
"jeanette....they're probably judging you"
"even if they are, they don't know who i really am"
It's incredibly pitiful and depressing. Honestly, i am who i am. I am the only one experiencing everything i do daily. I am the only Jeanette Kosorok in the world, and that is enough to not let those thoughts effect me. This is me, and no matter what people think, they don't know me as well as i do.
Today, i am Jeanette. and i always will be. No matter what changes physically or mentally. I can be myself in the best possible way. And i will.

join me. in the realization of your own personal beauty and the countless ways to celebrate it.

(worse in real life) my interesting skin condition (look in past posts for a better explanation)

Apparently i have an extremely rare condition. It's called winged scapula. See how my shoulder blades are poking out? Normal peoples only do that when they try to, mine are just settled that way. (look at your back in the mirror, and you won't see this...unless you're one of the one-in-a-million) My trainer pointed it out yesterday and showed another fitness trainer. I felt like a freak show. I told him and he laughed (in a jeanette-you-are-so-wrong way)
(sorry for being a bit graphic) See that red blotch? It's a tick bite i found last week. I found the tick and pulled it instantly out in fear. luckily i got the whole thing and it's dying slowly in a bubble in a piece of tape on my counter.
I haven't taken Remmy out in awhile. She always loves being free.

This is how she repaid me. (3 poops and some pee)

I love you. you. I love you for who you are. I will always be there to celebrate it with you.

Much Love,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

At This Moment

(also one of my favorite Michael Buble songs to play in my car)

thinking about a lot.
sporting a nice wrist brace.
not looking forward to afterschool
eating organic cinnamon graham crackers.
listening to basshunter and space cowboy (the best music for running/pumping up)
craving playing some tennis with my sister.
wearing glasses cause i've been blind all morning
counting down (5 days & 15 days till...)
thinking about nienie.
loving this amazing weather
seeing life in a new light

Monday, May 17, 2010

Continue, We Must Continually

There are moments in my life (& probably yours too) where i feel like my current condition is permanent. It's usually during a rough period. It might just be my attitude, or an outside influence that effects how my mood is. Well let me tell you that nothing bad is permanent. Depending on your choices during this life, it will effect your forever after this time. Bad times does not mean you are a bad person. No ones bad. There choices may be, but i believe that everyone, absolutely every single soul is good.

that means you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Important

When there are bad moments in life, it's important to distract yourself with the good.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

With Love

I always want the best for everyone. No matter where they come from, who they are, what they've been through or the choices they've made. I believe everyone is equal and they should be treated that way. I believe everyone should have the opportunities to accomplish their highest potential. I believe everyone should be loved, and love in return. Everyone deserves the good they desire.
I'm not perfect. There have been times in my life where i haven't thought this confidentally. It's easy to judge others and easy to make assumptions, but it's not healthy. Even if you don't agree with something someone is doing, you can still be a constant support and they will dramatically improve for the best. I've witness and participated in this numerous times in my life.
One of the best joys in my life, is seeing the good change in someone i've been close to. To see the constant improvement and the limits of their life change. It's amazing to see someone stand up, and be the best person they can. It always gives me a reassuring knowledge of the real good in people. Everyone is good. No one is bad. They may make bad decisions, but that does not mean they are a bad person.
Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.
e.e. cummings

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enter Galactic

{Andrew and the fohawk}

I just happen to be in an incredibly good mood right now. It might be because "A Whole New World" from Aladdin just came up on my Taylor Swift pandora playlist, or because i just saw Andrew. (the 2nd)
I'm extremely lucky in life. I have all the necessities and so much more. I'm exposed to amazing people and knowledge, i experience amazing things, i see incredibly sights. I think a large portion of this is my attitude. Because of my life experiences, i've gained intense positivity. I know i've never been through anything incredibly difficult or permanently life changing in a bad way, but that doesn't mean i can't feel the same positivity those who experience terribly things do. (although they completely defy me)
Because i am so blessed with what i have, i find it a complete life necessity to help others. everyone. not just those less fortunate. Like everything big, it starts off small.
So i'm continuing my goal for a big impact today. small, but strong and steady.
come with me!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hour by Hour

{disclaimer: this isn't completely accurate, due to lack of remembering}


3:55: left straight from school to drive to the meeting place in Virginia

6:30: The moment before we pulled into Texaco, we got rear ended.

6:33: Andrew who was already there heard the screech and walked over.

7:42: When we finally left to go to the Blakely's.

9:15: Ate icecream cones at JoJo's.

11:00: Got to the house, talked and watched Forrest Gump.

2:34: Went to sleep.


10:14: woke up to Andrew shoving me.

11:45: After showering, we went to Panera for breakfast.

1:00: Got home after eating, Andrew getting a haircut and getting dirt from Target.

1:12: Went on a walk and got stung by some bug on my foot (wasn't a bee!)

1:40: Left for a public park with 2 swings.

2:00: Came back home and watched The Family Man while everyone was outside swimming.

4:30: started getting ready for Prom

5:30: Got pictures taken

6:00: Went to Sakura for our reservations.

7:10: A complete stranger sitting next to me gave me and Andrew $20 because He didn't have kids old enough to go to prom so he wanted us to do something fun with it.

7:45-9:00: Driving to prom (very very interesting experience)

9:00-10:45: Danced without knowing anyone (well atleast me)

10:45-12:00: finally got somewhere familiar and went to Wendy's

12:30: Got back home and looked at baby pictures

12:59: fell asleep on the couch til Andrew woke me up at 3:00 something.


8:00 something: woke up to Andrew's little sisters saying "But sleeping booty i dont want to see your underwear!" "But i have to change!" and fell back asleep.

10:47: Finally got woken up by Andrew shoving me again. (so nice...)

11:00-12:45: Showered, Got ready, ate breakfast and went to church.

1:30-4:40: church

5:00-6:00: held bunnies, packed and ate dinner outside.

6:00: left back to texaco.

It's always hard just seeing andrew for such a short amount of time each month. But this time, it's only 16 days til we see each other again. (This next time he'll be coming to school with me!)

{more pictures on facebook}

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oscar De La Renta

Me, being someone who want to become a fashion designer in the future, is absolutely obsessed and desirable of everything new. But, i'm especially amazed when designers can make timeless pieces. Oscar De La Renta {to me} is the absolutely best at ageless design. He makes the most exquisite dresses. I am always left amazed.

If you have an extreme passion for something, there's this indescribable feeling that you feel when you find something absolutely perfect in your eyes. Moments like these make me want to be a designer more than ever. It inspires and motivates me to think that someday someone could feel that feeling to what i create...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Two Years Ago

These are two years old. Do you see a difference?
I do. Spotless legs, no stomach, curlier & longer hair...
but on the bad side, my eyebrows are extremely
It's always harder to notice your own change throughout time than it is on the outward view. It's so gradual and you get so used to how you look everyday.
Here are my stable physical goals for the next two years.
-stay the same weight (maybe slightly less)
-work with my hair better (it is getting straighter)
-be happy with what i look like, no matter the temporary imperfections
-no orange line (that was definitely a problem freshman year)
-never slack. don't overdue myself, but also don't underdo it (i'd NEVER go out in sweats, you never know who you'll run into)
-stay in shape. no excuses. once you start slackin it's harder to get back. (this is more of a for-the-rest-of-my-life goal, i never want to be bigger than i am now-besides the preggo days)
don't worry, my goals aren't just the physical ones.
I have way way too many real goals to count.
(it's always good to plan ahead)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Keep Calm

It's always possible.

A Moment of Clarity

Today, i got some pez and san pellegrino and took a walk. I've been really impatient lately and i needed some clarity. It was the perfect rejuvination i needed to get through this week (hopefully sick-free!)