Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello, Blog.

I feel like this blog is missing a huge chunk of my recent life. It's fallen amongst the long lost things of summer. I've had so much new chaos with all my new responsibilities. But there are many things i find positivity in again.


-eating orange tictacs. not one at a time

-Michael Buble & his new cd. (you can find some of his music, here)

-Doing laundry

-Horton hears a who. Don't doubt this. absolutely the best kids movie ever.

-Ghirardelli brownies

-online shopping (and free shipping!)

-getting out the halloween decorations

-The promise to myself that i'll eventually have time to clean my room

-the arrival of earrings that im not allergic to

-O.P.I. and its nail perfection. (they have my absolute favorite colors)

-the autumn breeze. i went outside and found myself in a perfect mood.

-my birthday happens to be in 43 days. and in a 365 day year, its pretty close.

-Remmy. She always loves time with me. Here's a picture from yesterday:

She's probably the best gerbil ever. Come and see for yourself.

If i don't start blogging everyday again, i'll try to at least once a week, and possibly every monday.