Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Never Underestimate Boredom

Okay, i'm not exactly bored over here. Me, my sister, mom and grandma have been baking straight for about four days. I just feel bad that i have no idea what to blog about. So, as a result i have decided to blog about right now, what i like, what's going on, all that info.

Saturday: After the terrible friday experience, i reunited with my sister and grandma saturday morning. I always love seeing them and love looking forward to all that we'll do. Me and my sister ended up talking all night. I have never felt so relieved from being deprived of our conversations for so long.
Sunday: Me and my sister ended up sight reading the whole singing portion of the christmas program at church. My mom and dad both sang in it to, but i believe they actually went to the practices. I didn't go to the rest of church at all, due to the high drama going on. (It's a bit to complicated to don't assume too much)
Monday: Baking. Sums it up in one day. Along with the first time ive slept in in forever. Good start for break.
Tuesday: Again, more baking. Also went with the family and saw The Blind Side. Everyone cried...yes, everyone. Another late night talking with my sister.

Wednesday: (today) Went out to lunch, went shopping, all the good christmas stuff. Oh and...baking. We are also currently baking too. You might receive some of the success soon.

I'll admit, all of that sounds boring when i write it down, but it's been absolutely fulfilling. I love the house filled with more people, more sounds, the smell of sweetness all over the house, the blasting of christmas music, all of it. I left out a ton of the details, but that's okay, it's mainly a 'you had to be there' thing.

Current Obsessions
Mike Posner, sugar wafers, wrapping paper designs, sister photoshoot sessions, skype, extremely obnoxious christmas music, making my hair super curly, and...

new glasses!

I love you guys and hope you have an amazing christmas :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Perspective is your personal view and what you see at different times. Your perspective can change, and can almost always have a different view then others. It's crazy complicated when you think about it. It's important at times, to stay strong in your perspective, in your view point and what you know is personally right.
I love all of you guys. I know that you all have amazing potential. I hope that i've never offended you with my perspective on things. From now on, i've promise myself and you, to be even more open minded. To understand where you're coming from and what you mean.
Things always come up in life, but we can almost always fix them.
Here's an amazing quote to end with.

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them- every begin the task anew"
-Saint Frances De Sales

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Today is the Last Ordinary Day"

The quote i cut out from a magazine and have taped on my bedroom door to see everytime i walk out.
To some people, ordinary can be a good thing. It can be the comfort they feel when things happen the way they're used to. It can be the the comfort of routine, of not expecting any surprises. But sometimes, when this ordinary routine goes out of sync, it's not comfortable at all.
I went to school yesterday with the knowledge that we were most likely to get out of school early for 'snow'. I say 'snow' because the weather dudes really like messing with our heads sometimes. Everyone at school really wanted snow. I had been also craving snow like no other, but today was the worst possible day. My sister and grandma would be flying it that night, and i was most paranoid for there safety. Sure enough, we got out early as it was snowing large fluffs of delicate snow. I'll admit it was absolutely gorgeous. A couple hours later i ended up at a friend's for a party. Before i left for the party, my mom told me to pack my toothbrush and stuff just incase...but i didn't think that'd be necessary, so i didn't. While i was there my dad called several times warning me that it was still snowing and Wendy (who drove me) would have to be really careful driving back. We left the party early to go hangout at another friend's house. We stayed there for a longtime, and it got to the point that i wouldn't be going home that night. I was stuck. I was stuck worrying about the safety of my family and stuck with the discomfort that i didn't have what i needed. I'm one of those people who always have extras of everything and makes sure to plan ahead to never forget stuff on trips. So this for me, was highly uncomfortable. We spent the night watching movies, baking, facebooking, youtubing and talking. Around one we decided to sleep. The fire was on so i got as close to it as possible to get warm...but it got turned off for safety reasons. So i was stuck on the floor with a thin blanket that had holes in it, and a thin pillow (i'm a puffy pillow person). I was okay considering the situation and understood that i couldn't get what i wanted and the situation could've also been much worse. I was still left with the unsurity of the safely of my family, we couldn't contact my sister and grandma and so i was also left with that concern. So i eventually fell asleep. I probably woke up every 10 minutes the whole night. I was extremely freezing and i can't sleep when i'm cold. I was still in my day clothes (the really tight uncomfortable jeans to sleep in) and makeup.
I know that i can't always get what i want in situations. I know that it can always be alot worse. i didn't keep my positivity much at the time, but now since i reflect i realize all the good. I was stuck in a safe home, with close friends, i had food and the important essentials.
My grandma and sister didn't come last night. But they will be here in an hour. From what i've heard they're not too happy about the being stuck at the airport thing. I understand. I'm still glad they're okay and that i'll still see them soon. Once they get here, and we're all together, bring on the snow.
I wish you guys a good, safe holiday break and with the knowledge that today, might be the last ordinary day. But don't get me wrong, that's not always a bad thing.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Deep Connections to Grocery Stores & Why.

Today, while grocery shopping at 8:30 with my dad, I was
in awe as usual with all the different items. It's insane to try to comprehend it all. I wonder how much the total cost of it all is?
Then, i made up this quote. (no, its not too deep)
"There are many different items at harris teeter, different smells, tastes, labels, containers, sizes, colors, but in the end they all come from the same grocery store" Although this isn't too indepth, there's definitely a deeper meaning. If you put it the aspect of people, it makes much sense. This reminds me of analogies. My dad decided to start calling all of my classes piglets and would ask me questions like, "are all your piglets healthy today? Did you remember to feed them? What about the sick one? [chemistry]" I guess he started doing that so i'd take school more seriously (like i was'nt...)

In conclusion, here's an abbreviated list of some of my favorite things to get at harris teeter: San Pellegrino, french baguet, babybel cheese (original), orangina, starbucks hot chocolate icecream, pomegranates, pears, rasberries, lemons, bell peppers, sugar cookies, total xtra care gum, horizon organic chocolate milk, smart water, mott's fruit snacks, and i could keep going forever.
I have a thing with food stores. For your convenience here are some i approve of:
whole foods
southern seasons
harris teeter
trader joe's (its a love-hate relationship, i only like SOME things)

food lion
wegman's (haha)

Hungry? Me too.

Love you guys.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There's Something Missing...

I've previously lived thirteen hardy snow years in Wisconsin, where i mistakingly took snow for granted. It's currently extremely cold here...but not as cold as it could be. There's definitely something missing to my christmas season. I probably want a white christmas more than anything. If it only snows on christmas i'll be happy but dispite global warming i'd love some snow-filled real winter days.

This picture was taken last year, when it did snow. So, let's hope there's a picture just like this in a couple days. Besides the ripped jeans and weirdly textured purple space jacket.