Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's today's dress! I love how you can distinctly see the enlarged burberry plaid. I love the colors (grey and burgundy) And the fitting.
If i were ever to wear this, id probably pair it with black pumps (possibly the one's shown here) and a tom binns classic necklace.
By ever to wear this, i mean, if i could possibly spend $865 on this dress....
right now? that's a no.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dress of the Day

I was pondering the idea of something that would encourage me to post more on my blog...
when i got the (maybe exciting) idea of posting a 'dress of the day' which will be a dress that i think is amazing and describe why i like it.
As being a bit of a designer myself, my main focus and strength is in designing dresses. i absolutely love the endless possibilities. To me, no other clothing item is as pretty and elegant as a dress.
Here, is the premiere dress for my to-be new tradition....

i absolutely love this dress.I love tulle and what it creates. this dress is from the 2009 spring collection from vera wang. She has so many amazing elegant designs. She loves working with tulle as i do, and i own some of her items myself.
I encourage you guys to look on this site everyday for more amazing dresses! [i hope i keep this a daily thing!]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Bold Move

A week ago i decided i was sick of my long loong hair. So, today i chopped off (okay, i didn't cut my hair but i got someone to cut it) a whompin' 5 inches. In hair inches, i definitely noticed that it was alot. I dont regret it yet, but im still shocked! [as shown in picture #3] I plan on straightening and curling my hair alot :) and try to make it more lively then it has been before. I usually wear it down, curly and loosely hanging.
Anyways, i won't bore you anymore, but this post is mainly a warning, so you won't be too surprised when you see me next.
Besides the big cut, life is strolling along. It's not extremely exciting but looking forward to spring break is. I can't wait for the day something hilarious happens and i can post it up here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i dont like being delayed on things, especially holidays and birthdays. To me, theres nothing worse then a "happy belated birthday" from someone. The DAY something happens should be the DAY its celebrated and noticed. besides christmas.

but, yesterday was saint patrick's day. i was unknown of the origin, until i decided to look it up...apparently its a day observed by the Irish to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland...and why we celebrate it here? i dont know. possibly an excuse to wear green and pinch people.

anyways, yesterday during first period, my math teacher was asking some students where their 'green' was. the kid sitting in front of me said "in my wallet". my teacher looked at him completely confused while the rest of the students were laughing. green is not just a color, but slang for money.

Along with yesterday, i got the amazing opportunity to go over to rebecca mudricks. I love all her boys, especially her newest, owen. His gum smile is amazing! We had a good chat and i got to hold owen many times.

I've already had the habit of posting everyday, and although i only got this blog yesterday i've been obsessed with writing in it. im definitely already a huge fan. Sadly, i know that i'll eventually slack off on this to be continuous tradition. I hope you guys are inspired, humored and entertained by my posts.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

again and again

yes, its still my first day on the blog...

im not quite sure if its extremely tacky to post more than one post a day, but if so, tacky it is :]

im a very oppinionated person, and i love letting others know what i like, so i'll share with you some of my current oppinions.

definitely, and always, Trolli gummy worms are scrumptious. nothing fulfills my day more...

my new and amazing obsession is george winston. yes world, i DO love classical music. especially piano, especially.

I am and always will be a paranoid person. my current paranoias include the following...


to me, the most horrifying natural disaster!!

also, dark water, getting cancer, dying, getting shot, falling down stairs (i do it more than often, and damage has occured),etc.

back to my likes....

in the fashion world, i always have current favorites. Here, are the best designers currently to me in the world.

undoubtingly tory burch. i love her vibrant crisp colors and textiles.

the best jewelry designer..... TOM BINNS. i fell in love with him when i first saw this useless timekeepers...but amazing watches. it then gave me the inspirational idea that fashion can be beautiful, but useless to its original form.
They will always have a place in my portfolio....

more of his brilliant designs....

as you should know by serious in the fashion world. and will gladly give you guys an update on my current favorites :]


For starters, here's a little taste of my ultimate oasis...
I obviously am a little young for a blog. But after thinking many times of the benefits, i decided to give in.

I basically wanted a blog to display what i love and what im thinking about. I've been inspired by many of my now fellow bloggers out there. I'd love if this became a regular visited site where people could read what i have to say :]

For me, this is the perfect solution to express my thoughts in diary form, but publicly. I hope you love reading this as much as i love posting it!
have an amazing day :)