Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been struggling for awhile to write a new post. I had no idea what to talk about and had no ideas. Until i realized that is it summer [and has been for quite some time] and i could definitely talk about that!
Well, i've accomplished alot of things i've wanted to do for awhile and went to many places.
First, i went to girl's camp which was rainy, then off to efy, which as always is amazing! I met so many new people. I then went to utah for about 9 days and saw family. I've been home since and have done alot of work.
Here are pictures from various trips:

I'm really loving summer, and i wish i had a little more time (well i do, but even more time!)
I hope my next post is far more interesting :) if you have any ideas or questions you want me to talk about, ask away!