Thursday, May 28, 2009

An extremely early christmas list

I'm usually one to plan unnecessarily ahead, especially if I'm excited about something. I make multiple lists of what i need to bring for a trip, because i absolutely hate forgetting something, even if its, lotion, or something not that important.
So, for those of you who care, or maybe want to know what i want for christmas/ my birthday this year, here it is. It's definitely a rough draft because i always change my mind. And remember, i probably won't get like any of this, but here's an opportunity for you to know what i like.

first, definitely these hot pink tory burch flats. i absolutely love patent leather and these are the perfect shade.
I've wanted this bag since the day it came out. and in this extremely bold yellow...just imagine them with the shoes!!!

I love capturing people, and i would absolutely love a suuuper duper nice camera, because nothing looks better in smaller pixels.

well i dont want to get too crazy. but im really obsessed with those three things...hint?

Monday, May 18, 2009

In life, many of us make frequent accomplishments. To me, i seem to have not made any recently. I find that somewhat discouraging because i try hardest to succeed.

Life has so much importance to me, and every minute should be used fulfillingly. I try to smile at one more person passing by or listen to one more friend. When im at a low point in my life, i find that the most successful way to bring myself up is to help others. Charity is important and should be a daily habit. I wish drastic things like feeding everyone and providing safety for those in danger. But acts of charity start little. It's hard balancing normal life {school, work, etc.} and doing those extra tasks for others, but kindness doesn't have to be difficult. If you feel like you're not doing enough or you need easy ideas to help others, here are some suggestions.

-smile as much as possible. as cheesy as it sounds it makes a difference to everyone you pass.

-make compliments. i absolutely love when people compliment me, and what goes around comes around.

-make letters or notes to those who have made a positive influence in your life, or those who you feel inspired to uplift. I rarely recieve cards in the mail,but when i do, i never forget them.

Charity is limitless.

The other day, i was thinking about how easily forgotten successes in my life have become. I think it's important to give yourself recognition for what you've done, but don't go overboard.

here are some things i've accomplished or participated in...

-i received 2nd place in the state fair for a skirt i made. yes, its not a big deal, but it made me realize that i am good at something i love. I'm really hard on myself, so this was a good lucky experience.

-Although I'm a huge quitter, i....did volleyball in 7th grade, dance for about 5 years, and did saxaphone for 2 months.

-I proudly have not given up piano and am constantly reminded of my improvement from my family.

-I absolutely love designing and sewing and have completed sewing about 5 dresses and am working on my 6th.

-i did modeling at the beginning of last year but ended because i realized it wasn't exactly for me. (not only am i too short for about anything related to modeling, but it was very degrading to my self esteem)

-for my whole life except up til 2009, i have been the only one in my imidiate family without glasses or allergies. I now, have 15/15 with astigmatism, and allergies to bees and penicillin ( and possibly grass).

I wouldn't call all those accomplishments, but mostly experiences in my life.

Obviously, i'm not perfect. and i dont want to be. Imperfection creates diversity and interest in our lives.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So, after 4 months of seperation, my sister came back. I was extremely excited. Mainly because all of my parents focus would be split up, because its very overwhelming. Also, i wouldn't be all alone upstairs. I also would have someone to constantly be with me, because honestly i really don't like being by myself and try to avoid it as much as possible.
My sister knows me very well and because we're so much older than we were before [yes, it's true, i age also] we get along pretty good. She loves how i always point out her habits [like cracking her knuckles or making weird noises while imitating something,which i do love her for] She has influenced me alot in my life. Here's a list of some of them.
Jessica's many influences
-being emotional during any time, is ok.
-that you should see if its uncomfortable to not wear underwear (she made me at about age 3)
- you don't get anything in life without work, so to get the best, you work the hardest
- its best to watch absolutely every movie premiere for each movie coming out
-that my fashion sense rarely exists and almost everything i wear deserves a laugh.
-always always be yourself no matter how dorky you look (honestly, she, unlike me is very confident in dancing, being a dork, showing her excitement and competition in everything) dont worry, its a good thing!!
-once you get a candy/chocolate you should savor it for as long as possible [unlike me, who eats it incredibly fast, and somehow it doesnt show much)
-never stop bothering your parents until you get what you want/need

thats definitely not all, but its a ton of the ones that i know she'll be yelling at me later for posting them up. But i dont think she will, cause she should know that none of its embarassing, but merely showing how amazing she is :)

yay for sisters!!