Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

I'm going through a headband phase. wanna join?

The pink bow on my door.

The chaos of my desk.

The natural light.

The ever growing movie tower.

My orchids waiting for warmer weather.

The photo of me and my dad right outside my door.

Me and my sister closer than we are now.

A baby squirrel that spent hours on our deck.

My favorite: peonies.

The front door reflection

The embarassment wall.

The dining room overtaken by taxes.

This makes me crave waffles.

The serenity of the backyard.

My daddy napping.

my bursting backpack.

The mobile i made.

Pigs are still my favorite.

The never-made bed.

my sister's empty room.

"Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week"
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trust. and how difficult it can be.

I got my license a little over a month ago. Today, i drove on the highway for the first time (since ive had my license, i have driven before with my permit) On the way to my destination, which was pretty familiar, i was pretty confident about the gps on my phone. I only did one u-turn, and i got to point B perfectly intact. On the way back, the gps decided to take me through a ghetto scenic route. It was really hard to tell when turns came up and the roads were narrow and bumpy. I had to put my full trust in the gps. I had to trust that it knew where we were going, even though i was pretty sure it was getting me farther and farther away from the real world. It made me realize, that there are many points in our lives, where we have to put trust in our actions towards are main goal, even though they may seem pointless and difficult to understand why they are needed.
Throughout the whole car ride, i was content, because i trusted that i would be lead in the right direction. Here's where a lot of my trust/faith comes from.

by the way. this is my new ring. and i love it. i got it here.

I have been so inspired lately. Once i can put my feelings more into words, i will post it up.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It is so incredibly easy to judge people. When you look at someone, it's easy to assume a lot about them. It's okay to assume, but not to judge too far. There are so many people in my life who have proved my judgement wrong and i regret almost every time. You never know what someone can do, or what they can become to you. I've made it a new habit to look at people in a good way. To only assume good things, and mostly they reassure it. Everyone has imperfections, we might only see them at the times those are most noticeable, but there's always a different side.

If you judge people, it leaves no room to love them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today, after going to my SAT class, me and my Dad stopped at Schlotzsky's Deli. We walked into the doors and went up to the counter. The guy who was taking our order was the manager. I instantly noticed something about him. He smiled constantly. It wasn't a robotic smile, or one that looked forced in any way. It genuinely gleamed. I ordered my food, smiling back at some times. When we got our food and were almost done eating, i went up to get a bag for my leftovers. He was there smiling again, happy to take any request. I'm sure if he didn't smile once i wouldn't notice anything particularly unique about him.
This whole experience made me realize, that the impact of a smile can go a long way. His genuine smile completely changed my day. It made me realize that our actions influence others constantly. He showed me, that strangers instantly make assumptions about each other, and that for him, and his decision, he made an everlasting impression on me. I will never forget this.
As me and my Dad drove back home, we discussed this incident. We both came to the conclusion, that smiling and being amiable makes an astounding difference on others. That manager may not have had the best day, or life, but he decided that he would uplift others, including himself and


Friday, February 19, 2010


I thought hard today. I spaced out more than i usually do. I'm a big day dreamer and i routinely miss half the day just off in my own world. I can't always talk to those i need to, so blogging it is. This will be random, like a lot of things i do, but i find it completely okay.
Sweet indulgence.
-It's okay to eat junk food. Yes, there should be limits but going without it is completely ridiculous. Gotta love me some twix, godiva, stam's, ferrero rochers, reese's...
-Don't bring others down, lift them up. Just by thinking positively about someone, you can change they're attitude (Its proven!)
-I have felt for the past few days that i never do enough. I feel unfinished at the end of the day, like somethings missing. At times like this, try stepping back and going back to the basics. (I finally realized that i do do a lot, i can do more, you always can but dont overload it)
-Life is hard work. Divide everything in steps. small or big. It'll help you keep organized and make the process easier.
-There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Things will always turn around. Guaranteed.
-Soak up Life's Chaos. You can always decide how to handle it.
-"I just think happiness is what makes you pretty. period. happy people are beautiful"-Drew Barrymore
-When life is too complicated and i forget about the important things, i always turn back to nature. Life's naturally beauty always leaves me breathless and makes me realize the potential i possess.


Right now i feel:
I want to feel more:

(I love

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Snow. Belize. Puzzles. Posner. Pibb. Fog. Zipper Pulls. Blankets. Kashi. Polo Socks. Gum. Youtube. Back scratches. Pigs. Brown Corduroy. Pizza. San Diego. Pookie. Three. Starbucks. Thumbs. Glasses. Vans. Belly Buttons. Pink. Deprived. Twitter. What about bob. Volcom. Down. Andes. 5 years. Doorstoppers. Avatar. Wind. Fondue. Cornfield. 10 o clock. Peace out.

(Hey, maybe this doesn't make any sense...)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There's this friend.

This is Andrew Blakely. We're besties. He's pretty awesome and we get along entirely. I went to visit him on friday in northern virginia (they got a ton of snow). We we're pretty much doing something all the time (from eating, going to a movie or really far away mall) I'd never been up there before and it was alot better than i expected (not saying what i expected was bad!) His family is definitely different then mine (not even close to a bad thing!) There was always noise and kids doing something, but i loved it. I felt like i fit in right away. Every single kid (there were 10) had definite personalities. Time went by too fast, like anything fun. It was a really good weekend although it would've been nice to stay longer.
Thanks Blakely family for everything :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Words...



Bottega Veneta


Some more...
Fetus [sorry, not putting a picture up of that...]
Attitudy [i made this one up]
Van Cleef and Arpels

The Perfect Escape

[in english we were asked to write about our perfect destination, this is mine]

A little house alone in the landscape of Australia. There is no noise outside except the soft blowing of the wind. The house is one level, filled with natural light beaming from the sheer covered windows. The house is the perfect temperature. There is no stress or anything that will interfere with time. Every couch, bed and chair are perfectly plump-enough to fit you in just the right way. The house gives off a faint smell of flowers and clean linen. There is fresh fruit on the kitchen table, each bite a taste of the right amount of natural sweetness. The days are filled with leisure, but with no amount of exhaustion or dullness. Everything is just right, no dust visible, nothing out of place. Everything content and wholesome.

I wish i could always be there...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On My Mind

Here are some of my recent thoughts, a bit random, but it's okay.

-Never give up on anyone, including yourself. If you have hope in them, they'll have hope in themselves and amazing things will happen.

- Eyesight is amazing. I could never imagine being blind [or deaf!]

-My favorite thing: being in the car completely alone, blasting music (i mean blasting), driving moderately fast and singing to every song. Helps me keep my head straight.

-It's time to except yourself for who you are (or, me for who i am). You must stop thinking unrealisticly and realize that this is what you got, and it's the best thing ever.

-I really love watching people become successful. It's an amazing transformation.

-Life is work. hard work. You can't get anywhere without going through rough patches. (After they're over i dont mind the rough patches, I learn so much from them)

-Life is precious. You only live but once.

-I have so much love for those in Haiti. I doubt anything will ever happen like that to me in my lifetime, and by that, i find it mandatory to help out in any way i can (especially prayer).

-I just realized i've just started liking foods i haven't before in my life: rasberries, chocolate icecream and salmon. Now, they're close to my favorite. yumm

-This song gets stuck in my head atleast 10 times a day. (good stuff)

-I'm trying to save up for a nice camera. (I feel like if i buy it with my own money it'll mean more to me) I'm serious about the photographer thing...

-I really do like pink alot. I don't even choose to consciously, it's somehow habitual...

-The stars on my ceiling (plastic ones) only shine for about 5 minutes every night before they're done. Maybe I should take off my roof and get the real thing...they'll be there all night.

-I'm okay with the fact that i'm one of the few teenage bloggers. I think about that everytime i write a post.

-Apparently doing puzzles is a grandma thing...guess i'm older than i thought.

-I'm really grateful for absolutely everything i have. No one will ever have all they want, but you eventually got to get over that.

-I think its possible for everyone to get along. The reason we don't get along with everyone is because we choose to. It's all a decision. They may have done certain things to effect our view, but forgiveness and apologizing is always possible. You can either choose for certain things people do to annoy you, or choose to love them.

-I've been hungry almost all the time lately, maybe im growing...(please!)

-I really really love SNL. They have the best sense of humor. (If you want to look up past episodes, most of them are on Hulu.)

-I'm undoubtingly going to be a Fashion Designer. Someone's gotta save this world. [I absolutely hate seeing ugly bothers me because it's just a waste of materials and eyesight]

-I'm determined. For what? I'm not sure...but i feel like something's coming up really soon.
I'm in love with this picture, and this photographer.(Find Black and White photography here)

It feels so good to ramble sometimes.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

20 things about me.

#1. I like bows. Especially pink ones.

#2. I'm an extremely picky eater. I don't like onions, tomatoes, grapefruit, oatmeal, fritos, swiss cheese, lima beans, dark chocolate, any kind of fruit pie, margarita pizza, and the list goes on...
but i do love these:

#3. I'm always thinking of my future. I've got many career ideas...Fashion Designer, Party coordinator, Surgeon & Photographer (if not career, so completely a hobby) But most definitely a Mom.

#4. He's my favorite.

#5. I'm really into routines. I do the same things in the same order every morning to get ready for the day and everynight before i go to bed. It keeps me organized if the rest of my day isn't.

#6. I'm extremely into designs, especially fashion wise. Nothing catches my attention as well as...

#7. I know I'm seventeen and all, but i would love to own absolutely everything playmobil. Especially this.

#8. Quotes are my inspiration. (quotables)

#9. I've always wanted to go to Australia. (along with Africa, Belize, New Zealand, Scotland, The United Kingdom, and everywhere else in the world) wanna come?

#10. I love Michael Buble, and i promise you will too. His voice is extremely unique, and oh so perfect.

#11. I have always been amazed with snowflakes. I embrace their originality and complexity.

#12. I barely read books for fun. I just can't quite find the ones that will keep me satisfied. When i do find a good read, it's rare...but their incredible.

#13. I don't have any habits like cracking my knuckles, but i do love to....
smile. (and peel potatoes)

#14. I have a thing for piglets. (I'm eventually getting a teacup pig like the one below; theyre massively tiny)

#15. I'm goofy.

#16. I have favorite websites.

#17. I only use cottonelle. (that's how picky i am)

#18. Nature always amazes me. Words can never describe.

#19. I make it a mandatory habit of mine to always be positive. It makes everything better.

#20. I love you. and Tiffany's.