Monday, October 24, 2011

beyond the sickness

{belly, bean & mini}

so many amazing people have come into my life since college.

all of them i love and appreciate a bunch.

currently i am sick. had the beginning stages of strep, but they went away and i think i am already recovering. slowly.

last night i had a dream. i had just gotten cancer and i had to take a term off. first off, that would be incredibly depressing. but, my friends visited the hospital. all of them. almost everyday. it was amazing. it made me realize that if anything bad happened, i know they'd be there.

i am currently filling my days up with making spontaneous decisions, listening to bon iver, sleeping way too much or not enough, going to class, laying in my bed watching movies, etc etc.

i have never really been close to being sad in such a long time because i am filled with so much around me to love.

much love,


Saturday, October 15, 2011

nothing like it

When i grew up, I slept almost every night in my bed. besides the occasional sleepover. i took it for granted. i took everything about home for granted. and since i've been away living in a tiny facility whilst broadening my view and education of the world, i've missed my home.

As i lay in my bed, my own bed, i remember dreaming about it during school. {during the rough days, i couldn't wait until i got home to nap in my bed} at the time, high school was the the highest point in my life. i was the most happy. then college came along. and the happiness i experienced has exploded with potential i never thought existed. i am so in love with it there.

the people.
my classes.
the city.
my life.

everything about it, i love.

although everything in my life seems full,

i still, and always will have room for my home. and my family.

home, and everything in it, is my personal refuge.

much love,


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

in the bleak

look at these two perfect girls. i'm the luckiest.

Today was incredibly gloomy. The sky was a mysterious grey and rain and mist came down non stop all day. It has made everyone in a bad mood.

I woke up 1.5 hours before my only class today. I wish i stayed in bed all day. with my two, watching movies one after the other. but instead i went to class.

At the moment i am repeating your rocky spine by the great lake swimmers. Absolute perfection. It puts me in this new place that is not one bit dismal.

I am blogging in part to delay my homework. it seems so unappetizing at the moment.

A couple things...

Thanks Avery for going with me to the store. Best part of my day. goofball.

& HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY to my oldest and only sister, Jessica. Wish we could go out and celebrate together. Seems like it will be forever until that happens again, the pains of getting older. Love you bunches. Wish I could've bought those M&M's with our faces on them. The mail is bringing something else though....

whenever a day is a bad one, remember that everyday you wake up, it will be farther in the past. it always gets better. and it always goes on.

Much love,