Saturday, January 21, 2012

15 things that are happening right now

at the moment you are reading this

1. Someone is thinking of you
2. Someone is loving you
3. Someone is lost
4. Someone is dying
5. Someone is being born
6. Someone is wishing they were with you
7. Someone is in pain
8. Someone is realizing their life importance
9. Someone is wishing they hadn't
10. Someone is scared
11. Someone is living their dream
12. Someone is falling in love
13. Someone is changing for the better
14. Someone is believing for the first time
15. Someone is carrying on

much love,


Monday, January 16, 2012

my name is Part II

Here is a link to part I: my name is

My name is Jeanette Kosorok, nothing in the middle.
I blog when i can't sleep
I believe and adore symbolism
I laugh really loud and often
I stand for gay rights and I'm straight
I love sleeping with a lot of pillows
I cry because i think pigs are so cute
I want to be a good, selfless and loving mother
I love pink more than i should
I have poor eating self control and habits
I love the sounds of the city
I have a shopping addiction
I love my family
I am clumsy
Winter is my favorite
I wish everyone got to live the life they dream of
I think Cillian Murphy and Jeremy Allen White are perfection
I love mint
I have a phobia of public bathrooms
I would trade changing diapers over working in an office any day
I don't like people who complain
I work pretty quickly
I care about everyone, even if it doesn't seem like it
I live by dream interpretation
I need a stool to get to my bed
I want rims on my car
I'm addicted to things that smell good and fast cars
I love people who are different than me
I could always listen to Norah Jones
I would love to be a surfer
I am very open minded
I think a park is pointless without swings
I still get dumbfounded in the toy aisles
I sleep way too much
I could shop around Target and Ikea all day
I have an immense gratitude and passion towards everyday of my life

much love,


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i admire selfless people

whenever i can't sleep, i blog. i will most likely be blogging nightly.

i have always admired those who put aside all of their desires and focus them utterly to those souls in need.

i have always aspired to be completely selfless, but it is proving very difficult.

before any other necessity, i try and attempt to put others before anything. i always want to be around others, to talk with them and to associate myself with them.

i want to leave the world knowing that i was a positive impact.

for the first time in my life, i was at an all time low last night. the lowest amount of self esteem i have ever been. it only lasted for about 10 minutes. but it was dreadful.

in those few minutes i realized so many different things. the little things that keep me going, knowing that the future will always be better. i thought of those i loved, what i loved and the exceptionally lucky life ive had.

everyone has purpose. everyone deserves to be loved. everyone deserves equality and respect.

and i will make that my number one goal.

i am not a fan of new years resolutions and i dont usually make them. i respect those who want to make a positive impact in their lives, and its always good to change, but i dont think that specific date of a new year should be when we decide to change. we should always desire to grow.

i have made a new life goal, that has happened to come to existence now.

i want to love everyone.

in every single way possible. including how i think of them in my head.

hopefully, i will become whom i admire.

a selfless individual

much love,