Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I didn't eat dinner.

(taken in charleston while it was flooding)

First off, I didn't eat dinner for two reasons. one, i kept falling back asleep during dinner time and two, i didn't like the food that was cooked. (i'm way too picky sometimes)

Life for me, is falling apart. My foundation this week, is weak. I haven't talked to my best friend in a week and a half, and i have no idea why. That alone has been worrying me constantly. I recently sent out four halloween cards and only one person responded to them, which kind of hurts.
I have no shame in telling you my issues. everyone has them, so i dont mind.

Anyways, I know as always, through everything i've gone through, that the bad times will pass. They always do. That's why, although life is kind of sucky right now, itll get better.

Halloween is still coming up & so is my 18th birthday.

much love,


Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have recently had so many blog ideas, and so i decided to put them all together, for you. I apologize for lack of super awesome pictures, as the computer i upload them on is toast.

part I: Recent Events

-I recently bought 140 krabby patties. I am in paradise.
-My dad was in a cancer benefit concert on saturday and i absolutely loved being there for it.
-Just yesterday i decided to have a huge birthday party. i'm already making plans.
-My eyesight has gotten worse, so i now have to wear my glasses constantly if i don't want headaches.
-The 7th season of desperate housewives started today. again, i'm in paradise.
-I've watched Hot Rod five times this weekend. absolutely hilarious.
-Oakley (my gerbil) can do a foot high back flip.

Part II: Youtube Videos I Love

Best Cry Ever

i'd be surprised if you havent seen this, Double Rainbow

and my favorite: Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

and theres more. but ill show you some other time.

Part III: Random Things

-Being nice to absolutely everyone pays off. no guilt, and good karma.
-I have really amazing friends! { one who im talking to right now especially :) }
-I'm still excited for halloween, and fall.
-I'm thinking of being a candy corn for halloween, yes? no?

I hope to have more specifically themed blog posts in the future. pinky swear!

much love,


Monday, September 20, 2010

i am going insane

Here is my to do list. I would preferably like to finish everything t.o.d.a.y.
Besides this ENTIRE list, i am extremely sleep deprived,
and this list will not help that in the future.

I hope you forgive me, but i have no more time to blog,
i must start checking things off.

pray for sanity

much love,


Saturday, September 18, 2010

a million reasons to be happy

whenever one of my friends talks negatively, i sometimes use the phrase "if someone can find happiness in a concentration camp, i never have an excuse to be sad"

Today was a good day.
Here's how it went....

-woke up at 7:30 which was okay because i went to bed fairly early.
-went to what i thought would be eight hours, but ended up only being five hours of driving school.
-went to lowe's to get pink paint samples (to decided on the new bathroom shade)
-went to target to get halloween stuff and new kitchen crap. (couldn't find any krabby patties though, so if you find any....you know what to do)
-attempted homework (somewhat failed)
-had a late night craving for wendy's, went through the drive thru and got 3 small frosties and 1 small fry for ONLY $2.50!!!
-had an amazing phone conversation with my bestie.

there are always, always a million reasons to be happy.

it's a choice.

& i'm choosing it now, and always.

much love,


twelve days until my favorite month

Why may you ask is october my favorite month?

number 1. It's national breast cancer awareness month, which means about everything ever is suddenly turned pink, if it isn't already.

number 2. Halloween is in october, which is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love everything about it.

There is always something to look forward to, especially october!

Also, my sister's birthday is october :)

Keep Calm and Carry On

much love,


Thursday, September 16, 2010

jeanette, in simplified words

Whenever i come across some phrase someone has said to describe something, usually themselves (and usually in a book) it is an awesome moment when they feel exactly the same way i do.
I just finished reading the book "The Secret Life of Prince Charming" by Deb Caletti. The title is does not match the story, so don't let that turn you away. If you know me enough, you know i don't prefer to read. But this book was incredible.
Anyways, on one of the last pages of the book, the main character describes herself,
"I know about my own ordinariness, I think most people do, and i am okay with it. I am not the most, the best, the fastest, the greatest, but i am enough. Regular and enough, with my own simple but clear voice that i am learning to hear, and my own feelings i'm learning to accept. Beautiful enough for the good people who really care about me"

that is me in a couple of sentences.
i find this description humbly honest.

sometimes, usually and preferably, enough is enough.

I am enough,
&hopefully, eventually,
i will become more than that.

much love,

always growing, ever learning,


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


In life, you need
to be loved
a view of the brighter side of everything
a best friend
an opposite
& a garbage disposal.

To me, Kendra is all of these.
although sometimes she may be
too consistent,
way too loving,
painfully honest,
too positive,
definitely a bestie,
way way too opposite,
and disposes too much of my food (aka steal it)

I love her, and i always will.
I know, through everything, no matter how ridiculous i am,
we'll be best friends.

can't you tell?

much love,


oh and do you prefer pancake, waffle, taco or corndog?

if you don't get it, let it be :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

50 of my favorite things

This post is huge & in no particular order.

1. Chanel. My all time favorite for infinity number of reasons.
2. Eddie Redmayne. (i also love love love freckles)
3. Orangina. Could never forget my daily dose
4. Oscar de la renta. The king of dress designing.
5. Steve madden. Every single shoe he makes is gorgeous.

6. Besides the fact that she's a pig, i love the name Olivia.
7. I think Cillian Murphy is absolutely gorgeous. every.single.thing. about him.
8. Nordstroms is nordstroms.
9. Starbucks hot chocolate is my favorite. (i love the icecream too)
10. Sephora is absolutely addicting.
11. Pink bows, in any form=love.
12. 21 seasons and still consistently hilarous.

13. Gelato. Straticcella is preferred.
14. I love eating out of latte bowls. They're design is brilliant, and seriously makes me happy.
15. Wedding dresses are my favorite in design.
16. Designing, my preferred profession
17. The fashion bible
18. Lacoste proves that simplicity in design is just right.
19. Post it's keep my life in order.
20. Diamonds, or sparkly things altogether.
21. Jackie Kennedy. for so so many reasons. this is my favorite picture of her.
22. Holding hands. especially waffle style
23. O.P.I in pink. mm mm mm.
24. Boston Terrier puppies (Rudy!)
25. my boo boos only call for hello kitty.
26. Dr Pepper is right in front of coke zero.
27. The word AVACADO.
28. Traveling, experiencing new places.
29. I absolutely love cars. I know more about them than the average female.
30. Toms, one of the best charities ever.
31. Oakley. i absolutely love their shades.
32. Pina Coladas. I could drink one everyday forever.
33. jetskiis. Bliss to me, is one of these babies.
34. halloween is my favorite holiday. (i love candy corn too)
35. October is breast cancer awareness month.
36. tory burch flats=love
37. michael jackson. (blame it on the boogie)
38. Most addicting, amazing show.
39. My scent: Very Hollywood by Michael Kors
40. Juicy Couture, a perfection explosion
41. its pretty much all pink, how could i not love it?
42. ill never forget when a box looking exactly like this was handed to me. Tiffany's is something else.
43. This looks gross, but its not! Its actually my favorite food. ever. shrimp tikki masala to be exact.
44. Vera wang. My main fashion inspiree
45. pretty much my trademark color.
46. Krabby Patties are the bestest est.
47. Peonies (pink), my favorite flowers
48. Kickboxing. way better than yoga.
49. Cupcakes. I could eat these everyday, all day, forever.
50. Pigs. Teacup pigs. Piglets. oh yes.

Now you know me a little better!

Much love,