Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Never Underestimate Boredom

Okay, i'm not exactly bored over here. Me, my sister, mom and grandma have been baking straight for about four days. I just feel bad that i have no idea what to blog about. So, as a result i have decided to blog about right now, what i like, what's going on, all that info.

Saturday: After the terrible friday experience, i reunited with my sister and grandma saturday morning. I always love seeing them and love looking forward to all that we'll do. Me and my sister ended up talking all night. I have never felt so relieved from being deprived of our conversations for so long.
Sunday: Me and my sister ended up sight reading the whole singing portion of the christmas program at church. My mom and dad both sang in it to, but i believe they actually went to the practices. I didn't go to the rest of church at all, due to the high drama going on. (It's a bit to complicated to don't assume too much)
Monday: Baking. Sums it up in one day. Along with the first time ive slept in in forever. Good start for break.
Tuesday: Again, more baking. Also went with the family and saw The Blind Side. Everyone cried...yes, everyone. Another late night talking with my sister.

Wednesday: (today) Went out to lunch, went shopping, all the good christmas stuff. Oh and...baking. We are also currently baking too. You might receive some of the success soon.

I'll admit, all of that sounds boring when i write it down, but it's been absolutely fulfilling. I love the house filled with more people, more sounds, the smell of sweetness all over the house, the blasting of christmas music, all of it. I left out a ton of the details, but that's okay, it's mainly a 'you had to be there' thing.

Current Obsessions
Mike Posner, sugar wafers, wrapping paper designs, sister photoshoot sessions, skype, extremely obnoxious christmas music, making my hair super curly, and...

new glasses!

I love you guys and hope you have an amazing christmas :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Perspective is your personal view and what you see at different times. Your perspective can change, and can almost always have a different view then others. It's crazy complicated when you think about it. It's important at times, to stay strong in your perspective, in your view point and what you know is personally right.
I love all of you guys. I know that you all have amazing potential. I hope that i've never offended you with my perspective on things. From now on, i've promise myself and you, to be even more open minded. To understand where you're coming from and what you mean.
Things always come up in life, but we can almost always fix them.
Here's an amazing quote to end with.

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them- every begin the task anew"
-Saint Frances De Sales

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Today is the Last Ordinary Day"

The quote i cut out from a magazine and have taped on my bedroom door to see everytime i walk out.
To some people, ordinary can be a good thing. It can be the comfort they feel when things happen the way they're used to. It can be the the comfort of routine, of not expecting any surprises. But sometimes, when this ordinary routine goes out of sync, it's not comfortable at all.
I went to school yesterday with the knowledge that we were most likely to get out of school early for 'snow'. I say 'snow' because the weather dudes really like messing with our heads sometimes. Everyone at school really wanted snow. I had been also craving snow like no other, but today was the worst possible day. My sister and grandma would be flying it that night, and i was most paranoid for there safety. Sure enough, we got out early as it was snowing large fluffs of delicate snow. I'll admit it was absolutely gorgeous. A couple hours later i ended up at a friend's for a party. Before i left for the party, my mom told me to pack my toothbrush and stuff just incase...but i didn't think that'd be necessary, so i didn't. While i was there my dad called several times warning me that it was still snowing and Wendy (who drove me) would have to be really careful driving back. We left the party early to go hangout at another friend's house. We stayed there for a longtime, and it got to the point that i wouldn't be going home that night. I was stuck. I was stuck worrying about the safety of my family and stuck with the discomfort that i didn't have what i needed. I'm one of those people who always have extras of everything and makes sure to plan ahead to never forget stuff on trips. So this for me, was highly uncomfortable. We spent the night watching movies, baking, facebooking, youtubing and talking. Around one we decided to sleep. The fire was on so i got as close to it as possible to get warm...but it got turned off for safety reasons. So i was stuck on the floor with a thin blanket that had holes in it, and a thin pillow (i'm a puffy pillow person). I was okay considering the situation and understood that i couldn't get what i wanted and the situation could've also been much worse. I was still left with the unsurity of the safely of my family, we couldn't contact my sister and grandma and so i was also left with that concern. So i eventually fell asleep. I probably woke up every 10 minutes the whole night. I was extremely freezing and i can't sleep when i'm cold. I was still in my day clothes (the really tight uncomfortable jeans to sleep in) and makeup.
I know that i can't always get what i want in situations. I know that it can always be alot worse. i didn't keep my positivity much at the time, but now since i reflect i realize all the good. I was stuck in a safe home, with close friends, i had food and the important essentials.
My grandma and sister didn't come last night. But they will be here in an hour. From what i've heard they're not too happy about the being stuck at the airport thing. I understand. I'm still glad they're okay and that i'll still see them soon. Once they get here, and we're all together, bring on the snow.
I wish you guys a good, safe holiday break and with the knowledge that today, might be the last ordinary day. But don't get me wrong, that's not always a bad thing.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Deep Connections to Grocery Stores & Why.

Today, while grocery shopping at 8:30 with my dad, I was
in awe as usual with all the different items. It's insane to try to comprehend it all. I wonder how much the total cost of it all is?
Then, i made up this quote. (no, its not too deep)
"There are many different items at harris teeter, different smells, tastes, labels, containers, sizes, colors, but in the end they all come from the same grocery store" Although this isn't too indepth, there's definitely a deeper meaning. If you put it the aspect of people, it makes much sense. This reminds me of analogies. My dad decided to start calling all of my classes piglets and would ask me questions like, "are all your piglets healthy today? Did you remember to feed them? What about the sick one? [chemistry]" I guess he started doing that so i'd take school more seriously (like i was'nt...)

In conclusion, here's an abbreviated list of some of my favorite things to get at harris teeter: San Pellegrino, french baguet, babybel cheese (original), orangina, starbucks hot chocolate icecream, pomegranates, pears, rasberries, lemons, bell peppers, sugar cookies, total xtra care gum, horizon organic chocolate milk, smart water, mott's fruit snacks, and i could keep going forever.
I have a thing with food stores. For your convenience here are some i approve of:
whole foods
southern seasons
harris teeter
trader joe's (its a love-hate relationship, i only like SOME things)

food lion
wegman's (haha)

Hungry? Me too.

Love you guys.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There's Something Missing...

I've previously lived thirteen hardy snow years in Wisconsin, where i mistakingly took snow for granted. It's currently extremely cold here...but not as cold as it could be. There's definitely something missing to my christmas season. I probably want a white christmas more than anything. If it only snows on christmas i'll be happy but dispite global warming i'd love some snow-filled real winter days.

This picture was taken last year, when it did snow. So, let's hope there's a picture just like this in a couple days. Besides the ripped jeans and weirdly textured purple space jacket.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

This made my day

This morning i woke up to my dad dropping a package onto my face. It definitely surprised me, and especially when i realized it was from my sister! I opened it up and among the contents was this little 'monster'. There was a tag attached and in the description it said, "Oliver loves pink and really want to grow his hair out long when he gets big and be a princess. Oliver has no arms and legs, but that's okay. Everyone is different-Niko, age 4"
Child's creativity always gets to me. Children are amazing and have so much potential. There was a website on the tag that i immediately went to. In big letters it said "Scary Monsters benefit Kids in Scary Situations" That led be to believe that Niko, age 4 is probably going through something scary right now...and to me thats not at all comforting.
But Niko, i'm sure there are many people who own or want to own your creation Oliver. It has made my day more than anything could. [Also a big thanks to Jessica!]

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Believe it or not, it just happened. I'm writing two posts in one day. It may be an obsession or just boredom after a huge meal (i.e. thanksgiving) Anyways, i decided that i would put up a post of my favorite things at the moment. I always like telling people what i like, and here's a good opportunity (and no, you don't HAVE to read this)
I'll start with...
cards (and sending them in the mail)
rain (well...don't really have much of a choice)
saturday night live
kid's movies (cloudy with a chance of meatballs, up, robots...)
baking (cakes, cupcakes, cookies)

seriously though, that's not even the start of my favorites. My favorite things in life are what make me happy, and thus what i always think about or do. Share with me some of your favorites!

Birthday Bliss

I look forward to my birthday every year. It's the one day i can be cocky and have people come to me. Okay, Just kidding that's not the reason i love it, although those reasons might be true also. I love the overwhelming love i feel from everyone. I love the feeling that i make such a difference in others lives, and they make a difference in mine. This year's birthday was the best so far. Although it was on school day, i still got the opportunity to see most of my dear friends. When i was little, i always looked forward to my birthday because of the presents. This year, none of them mattered that much. It was mainly the people i looked forward to seeing and hearing from. I got many numerous calls, texts, facebook posts, and "happy birthday jeanette!"s in the hallway. It was a huge confirmation that i'm doing a pretty good job as a friend. I know i can always do better, and i'm striving to. I want to be a good influence on my friends, a big supporter, a venter, and a constant person in their lives. I love everyone of my friends, acquittances and family members.
Today is thanksgiving. It's another day so close to my birthday that i'm thankful for. This is a really humbling part of the year. I wish all of you an amazing thanksgiving day. Remember all you have and all you should be thankful for.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Pain is hard for anyone. Most of us with it never existed. Just imagine life without it! I think pain gives us more appreciation for when we don't have it. When we are experiencing pain, it's best to be positive and think of when it'll be over. As i was thinking of a new post, this quote came into my mind:

Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.

I guess being a lord of the rings nerd when you were 12 pays off...but really this is an amazing quote. I never read any of the books, but this quote always stands out to me.

I hope any of you guys going through pain right now will soon get better. I hope it'll all pass and you can get back to your normal life. I love you all!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Positivity with a P

I'll admit, positivity is hard to have all the time. But i try as much as anyone would to make it a constant thing in my life. When I'm lacking, i start to think of all the amazing things i have in this world. I have a stable, healthy family who loves me and supports me in everything i do. I have running water and fresh food (unlike 75% of the rest of the world). I have many amazing examples to look up to and to be encouraged by (jackie kennedy, randy pausch, etc.) All that alone seems like way too much to deserve, but thats not even the beginning. I have so many wonderful loving friends. They're absolutely amazing and i always want the best for them. I think i get most out of life with the people who are in it. People are my life! and i believe there is much reason for that.
I also find so much meaning in design. The design of the world and the nature we live in. The design of fashion and the crispness and beauty i see in it. The design of people, animals, mankind creations, colors, seasons, little details [like germs!] and everything else. All this always leads to the greater higher power that created it all. There's no possible way everything as we know in existence just happened. There is so much detail and thought behind it.

I absolutely love my life. The one time of approximately 80 years that i have left to enjoy it. There is so much to learn and to love and to become. I have so much faith in the purpose of everything. I have so much positivity in the future.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello, Blog.

I feel like this blog is missing a huge chunk of my recent life. It's fallen amongst the long lost things of summer. I've had so much new chaos with all my new responsibilities. But there are many things i find positivity in again.


-eating orange tictacs. not one at a time

-Michael Buble & his new cd. (you can find some of his music, here)

-Doing laundry

-Horton hears a who. Don't doubt this. absolutely the best kids movie ever.

-Ghirardelli brownies

-online shopping (and free shipping!)

-getting out the halloween decorations

-The promise to myself that i'll eventually have time to clean my room

-the arrival of earrings that im not allergic to

-O.P.I. and its nail perfection. (they have my absolute favorite colors)

-the autumn breeze. i went outside and found myself in a perfect mood.

-my birthday happens to be in 43 days. and in a 365 day year, its pretty close.

-Remmy. She always loves time with me. Here's a picture from yesterday:

She's probably the best gerbil ever. Come and see for yourself.

If i don't start blogging everyday again, i'll try to at least once a week, and possibly every monday.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been struggling for awhile to write a new post. I had no idea what to talk about and had no ideas. Until i realized that is it summer [and has been for quite some time] and i could definitely talk about that!
Well, i've accomplished alot of things i've wanted to do for awhile and went to many places.
First, i went to girl's camp which was rainy, then off to efy, which as always is amazing! I met so many new people. I then went to utah for about 9 days and saw family. I've been home since and have done alot of work.
Here are pictures from various trips:

I'm really loving summer, and i wish i had a little more time (well i do, but even more time!)
I hope my next post is far more interesting :) if you have any ideas or questions you want me to talk about, ask away!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

An extremely early christmas list

I'm usually one to plan unnecessarily ahead, especially if I'm excited about something. I make multiple lists of what i need to bring for a trip, because i absolutely hate forgetting something, even if its, lotion, or something not that important.
So, for those of you who care, or maybe want to know what i want for christmas/ my birthday this year, here it is. It's definitely a rough draft because i always change my mind. And remember, i probably won't get like any of this, but here's an opportunity for you to know what i like.

first, definitely these hot pink tory burch flats. i absolutely love patent leather and these are the perfect shade.
I've wanted this bag since the day it came out. and in this extremely bold yellow...just imagine them with the shoes!!!

I love capturing people, and i would absolutely love a suuuper duper nice camera, because nothing looks better in smaller pixels.

well i dont want to get too crazy. but im really obsessed with those three things...hint?

Monday, May 18, 2009

In life, many of us make frequent accomplishments. To me, i seem to have not made any recently. I find that somewhat discouraging because i try hardest to succeed.

Life has so much importance to me, and every minute should be used fulfillingly. I try to smile at one more person passing by or listen to one more friend. When im at a low point in my life, i find that the most successful way to bring myself up is to help others. Charity is important and should be a daily habit. I wish drastic things like feeding everyone and providing safety for those in danger. But acts of charity start little. It's hard balancing normal life {school, work, etc.} and doing those extra tasks for others, but kindness doesn't have to be difficult. If you feel like you're not doing enough or you need easy ideas to help others, here are some suggestions.

-smile as much as possible. as cheesy as it sounds it makes a difference to everyone you pass.

-make compliments. i absolutely love when people compliment me, and what goes around comes around.

-make letters or notes to those who have made a positive influence in your life, or those who you feel inspired to uplift. I rarely recieve cards in the mail,but when i do, i never forget them.

Charity is limitless.

The other day, i was thinking about how easily forgotten successes in my life have become. I think it's important to give yourself recognition for what you've done, but don't go overboard.

here are some things i've accomplished or participated in...

-i received 2nd place in the state fair for a skirt i made. yes, its not a big deal, but it made me realize that i am good at something i love. I'm really hard on myself, so this was a good lucky experience.

-Although I'm a huge quitter, i....did volleyball in 7th grade, dance for about 5 years, and did saxaphone for 2 months.

-I proudly have not given up piano and am constantly reminded of my improvement from my family.

-I absolutely love designing and sewing and have completed sewing about 5 dresses and am working on my 6th.

-i did modeling at the beginning of last year but ended because i realized it wasn't exactly for me. (not only am i too short for about anything related to modeling, but it was very degrading to my self esteem)

-for my whole life except up til 2009, i have been the only one in my imidiate family without glasses or allergies. I now, have 15/15 with astigmatism, and allergies to bees and penicillin ( and possibly grass).

I wouldn't call all those accomplishments, but mostly experiences in my life.

Obviously, i'm not perfect. and i dont want to be. Imperfection creates diversity and interest in our lives.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So, after 4 months of seperation, my sister came back. I was extremely excited. Mainly because all of my parents focus would be split up, because its very overwhelming. Also, i wouldn't be all alone upstairs. I also would have someone to constantly be with me, because honestly i really don't like being by myself and try to avoid it as much as possible.
My sister knows me very well and because we're so much older than we were before [yes, it's true, i age also] we get along pretty good. She loves how i always point out her habits [like cracking her knuckles or making weird noises while imitating something,which i do love her for] She has influenced me alot in my life. Here's a list of some of them.
Jessica's many influences
-being emotional during any time, is ok.
-that you should see if its uncomfortable to not wear underwear (she made me at about age 3)
- you don't get anything in life without work, so to get the best, you work the hardest
- its best to watch absolutely every movie premiere for each movie coming out
-that my fashion sense rarely exists and almost everything i wear deserves a laugh.
-always always be yourself no matter how dorky you look (honestly, she, unlike me is very confident in dancing, being a dork, showing her excitement and competition in everything) dont worry, its a good thing!!
-once you get a candy/chocolate you should savor it for as long as possible [unlike me, who eats it incredibly fast, and somehow it doesnt show much)
-never stop bothering your parents until you get what you want/need

thats definitely not all, but its a ton of the ones that i know she'll be yelling at me later for posting them up. But i dont think she will, cause she should know that none of its embarassing, but merely showing how amazing she is :)

yay for sisters!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

spring break

my beach trip with Wendy was amazing! it was extremely relaxing and i had so much fun! Although most of of the trip it was freezing the last day was amazing. and of course we got good pictures!
Here are some....

Also, for Easter, my daddy decided to get the biggest chocolate bunny at chocolaterie stam's....

it"ll take me awhile to eat... but i think its about 3 pounds of chocolate!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

that was successful...

Well, I've only posted 2 dress of the day's since my 'amazing' idea.
i have so many dresses to post up, but i decided that i didn't think people would want to come to my blog and read about all these dresses i like.
so for now, here's the last dress of the day....

i love this dress, its incredibly cute! I love the sleeves, lace, tie and fitting style. I suggest if you have $356 extra get this :]
Something unfortunate about great design, is that it's usually a bit pricey. They're designed with great quality and craftsmanship, making them easily expensive. I promise that if i ever get famous out there in the designing world, i will make somewhat affordable clothing, that you (and i) will love!
Recently, I've been counting down the days til spring break, and so far it's only TWO official school days. I've wanted a break for so long, and i can't wait to fraulic on the beach with my best friend. i will definitely blog about it.
"Where there is love there is no darkness."
Burundi Proverb

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's today's dress! I love how you can distinctly see the enlarged burberry plaid. I love the colors (grey and burgundy) And the fitting.
If i were ever to wear this, id probably pair it with black pumps (possibly the one's shown here) and a tom binns classic necklace.
By ever to wear this, i mean, if i could possibly spend $865 on this dress....
right now? that's a no.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dress of the Day

I was pondering the idea of something that would encourage me to post more on my blog...
when i got the (maybe exciting) idea of posting a 'dress of the day' which will be a dress that i think is amazing and describe why i like it.
As being a bit of a designer myself, my main focus and strength is in designing dresses. i absolutely love the endless possibilities. To me, no other clothing item is as pretty and elegant as a dress.
Here, is the premiere dress for my to-be new tradition....

i absolutely love this dress.I love tulle and what it creates. this dress is from the 2009 spring collection from vera wang. She has so many amazing elegant designs. She loves working with tulle as i do, and i own some of her items myself.
I encourage you guys to look on this site everyday for more amazing dresses! [i hope i keep this a daily thing!]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Bold Move

A week ago i decided i was sick of my long loong hair. So, today i chopped off (okay, i didn't cut my hair but i got someone to cut it) a whompin' 5 inches. In hair inches, i definitely noticed that it was alot. I dont regret it yet, but im still shocked! [as shown in picture #3] I plan on straightening and curling my hair alot :) and try to make it more lively then it has been before. I usually wear it down, curly and loosely hanging.
Anyways, i won't bore you anymore, but this post is mainly a warning, so you won't be too surprised when you see me next.
Besides the big cut, life is strolling along. It's not extremely exciting but looking forward to spring break is. I can't wait for the day something hilarious happens and i can post it up here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i dont like being delayed on things, especially holidays and birthdays. To me, theres nothing worse then a "happy belated birthday" from someone. The DAY something happens should be the DAY its celebrated and noticed. besides christmas.

but, yesterday was saint patrick's day. i was unknown of the origin, until i decided to look it up...apparently its a day observed by the Irish to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland...and why we celebrate it here? i dont know. possibly an excuse to wear green and pinch people.

anyways, yesterday during first period, my math teacher was asking some students where their 'green' was. the kid sitting in front of me said "in my wallet". my teacher looked at him completely confused while the rest of the students were laughing. green is not just a color, but slang for money.

Along with yesterday, i got the amazing opportunity to go over to rebecca mudricks. I love all her boys, especially her newest, owen. His gum smile is amazing! We had a good chat and i got to hold owen many times.

I've already had the habit of posting everyday, and although i only got this blog yesterday i've been obsessed with writing in it. im definitely already a huge fan. Sadly, i know that i'll eventually slack off on this to be continuous tradition. I hope you guys are inspired, humored and entertained by my posts.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

again and again

yes, its still my first day on the blog...

im not quite sure if its extremely tacky to post more than one post a day, but if so, tacky it is :]

im a very oppinionated person, and i love letting others know what i like, so i'll share with you some of my current oppinions.

definitely, and always, Trolli gummy worms are scrumptious. nothing fulfills my day more...

my new and amazing obsession is george winston. yes world, i DO love classical music. especially piano, especially.

I am and always will be a paranoid person. my current paranoias include the following...


to me, the most horrifying natural disaster!!

also, dark water, getting cancer, dying, getting shot, falling down stairs (i do it more than often, and damage has occured),etc.

back to my likes....

in the fashion world, i always have current favorites. Here, are the best designers currently to me in the world.

undoubtingly tory burch. i love her vibrant crisp colors and textiles.

the best jewelry designer..... TOM BINNS. i fell in love with him when i first saw this useless timekeepers...but amazing watches. it then gave me the inspirational idea that fashion can be beautiful, but useless to its original form.
They will always have a place in my portfolio....

more of his brilliant designs....

as you should know by serious in the fashion world. and will gladly give you guys an update on my current favorites :]


For starters, here's a little taste of my ultimate oasis...
I obviously am a little young for a blog. But after thinking many times of the benefits, i decided to give in.

I basically wanted a blog to display what i love and what im thinking about. I've been inspired by many of my now fellow bloggers out there. I'd love if this became a regular visited site where people could read what i have to say :]

For me, this is the perfect solution to express my thoughts in diary form, but publicly. I hope you love reading this as much as i love posting it!
have an amazing day :)