Thursday, February 16, 2012


sometimes i am so surprised at how angry i can get.
its usually little things that add up into a huge massive about-to-explode anger.

honestly, when im upset, messy stuff makes me furious. i get panicked and clean up everything. it helps clear my mind. but sometimes, like now, its still not clean enough.

im thankful that i have this blog as a refuge.

i am thankful for those who give back so that i dont feel like everything im giving out is not advantaging me somehow. is it sad to say i expect equality in relationships?

one sided relationships dont ever do any good.

dont become that person. give back. im not saying monetarily, but in kindness.

it goes a long way.

i have finally found something in my life that solves everything.
when i feel like i need love,
when im angry {now},
when i feel alone,
when i am in love,
when i want to calm down,
when im tired,
when i need peace,
when i love life,

it is city & colour.

the most beautiful & purest music and lyrics in the world.

if everyone listened to them daily, the world would be a better place.

so instead of me screaming away and making things worse,

i am savoring alone time with me and dallas green {the singer}.

its amazing where music can take you...

much love,


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  1. What happened?! Oh Nettie, I wish we could be in the same place right now.