Monday, September 16, 2013

Emerson, naturally.

This dog changed my life. CHANGED it forever.

amongst the hardships i've faced and continue to face,
he is always there to sleep next to me at night.

because he has to;
not sleep next to me,
but live with me.

I chose him, he didn't choose me.

But, he loves the crap out of me.

and sometimes the only way i can tell is the volume of his screams when i leave.

But i love every single thing about him.

Even though he's chewed several of my shoes (Tory Burch's) and my favorite stuffed animal, among other things,

he has brought me so much when i've felt so alone.

felt that im stuck in an unhappy place and nothing i can even think of will get me out.

I often think that moving somewhere new would make things good again,
anywhere with Emerson, sounds good to me.

But sometimes, when life sucks, it actually doesn't.
And even though you want to be married and have babies,
its not that time yet.

It is always about where you are now (not where you will be)
because even if i sleep all day, only to get up to take my dog out to poop,
i can still be happy.

Because happiness is Emerson.

Everyone needs an Emerson.

Something that gets them up,
something that makes them laugh 

and something to let them enjoy anywhere they are in life.

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  1. I remember when you were not a dog person, I'm glad you are now! Because Kiara my dog is my version of Emerson. Dogs are amazing <3