Monday, January 16, 2012

my name is Part II

Here is a link to part I: my name is

My name is Jeanette Kosorok, nothing in the middle.
I blog when i can't sleep
I believe and adore symbolism
I laugh really loud and often
I stand for gay rights and I'm straight
I love sleeping with a lot of pillows
I cry because i think pigs are so cute
I want to be a good, selfless and loving mother
I love pink more than i should
I have poor eating self control and habits
I love the sounds of the city
I have a shopping addiction
I love my family
I am clumsy
Winter is my favorite
I wish everyone got to live the life they dream of
I think Cillian Murphy and Jeremy Allen White are perfection
I love mint
I have a phobia of public bathrooms
I would trade changing diapers over working in an office any day
I don't like people who complain
I work pretty quickly
I care about everyone, even if it doesn't seem like it
I live by dream interpretation
I need a stool to get to my bed
I want rims on my car
I'm addicted to things that smell good and fast cars
I love people who are different than me
I could always listen to Norah Jones
I would love to be a surfer
I am very open minded
I think a park is pointless without swings
I still get dumbfounded in the toy aisles
I sleep way too much
I could shop around Target and Ikea all day
I have an immense gratitude and passion towards everyday of my life

much love,


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