Thursday, April 26, 2012

solitude's serenity

In my busy life, it is rare that i get a lot of alone time, that i am not spending asleep. but, it is during those moments where i realize everything in my life. what i have, what i need to do, what i want to do, and where i wanna go.

i will turn 20 in november. throughout my family, this is the average age most of the girls have gotten married. woah. 

what i have: 
an amazing, loving and incredibly beautiful family,
hilarious, understanding and affectionate friends,
appreciation for nature's beauty,
desire to become a greater version of my self,
realization of all my blessings,
and deep, profound love for everyone in my life.

what i need to do:
get straight A's this term,
do fulfilling and big things this summer,
be safe,
show my appreciation for everything in bigger ways.

what i want to do:
take a psychology class this summer. just because.
find more creative ways to live my life,
become more humble and selfless,
become a mini-martha-stewart,
write more letters,
spend less time sleeping and more time doing.

where i wanna go:
around the world,
become a leader in the fashion world, 
and an always improving human being.

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